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Wadden Sea National Park (Nationalpark Vadehavet) was designated a Danish national park on 17 January 2008, effective 2010. Since June 2014 it has constituted the Danish part of the UNESCO's Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. Prince Joachim of Denmark is Patron of The Wadden Sea Centre.

The Wadden Sea National Park is - except Greenland by far the largest of Denmark's national parks and covers the Danish part of the Wadden Sea from Ho Bugt to the German border, and includes the islands of Fanø, Mandø and Rømø, as well as Skallingen, the Varde Å valley, and many of the marshlands of Tjæreborgmarsken, Ribemarsken, Margrethekogen and De Ydre Diger in Tøndermarsken.

The Wadden Sea is internationally known as a resting place for millions of migratory birds, and more than 10 million of them pass through the Wadden Sea twice a year. Large flocks of European starlings can be found which fly in formations known as the sort sol. The Wadden Sea also has large numbers of breeding birds, fish, and invertebrates such as starfish and blue mussels. It provides habitat for more than 500 species of plants and animals.

97% of the national park is part of Natura 2000, divided into several projects: a bird sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary, and Ramsar wetlands of international importance. The areas comprise biomes like the low-lying flat coast, tidal channels, tidal flats, stream mouths, beach meadows, sandplains and dunes.

Getting there

The closes big city is Esbjerg, which can easily reached by car, train or bus. From here on, your options are a little bit more limited. A car would often be the best choice if you haven't booked an extensive tour with pick-up from a hotel.

By car

Driving a car around the national park is still your best options as it will enable you to easier access the experiences in the park. The park itself is quite big by Danish standards and it will be difficult to move around the park sections without a car.

By bus

Major bus routes around the country will get you to Esbjerg. From here, you can currently catch the 411 bus from Esbjerg to the Wadden Sea Centre. This will make it easier to plan your trip.

By train

All the major train stations in Denmark have connections to Esbjerg. Simply go to a station or use the DSB app/website to purchase your tickets. Once you are in Esbjerg, it gets a little tricky moving around the park. There are no obvious train routes in the rest of the park.

When to visit

You will be able to find things to do in all seasons. You can enjoy all the amazing beaches in summer. During winter, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and hunt for oysters.


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Sights in Wadden Sea National Park

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Visitor/Information centres in Wadden Sea National Park

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Wildlife in Wadden Sea National Park

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Bears in Wadden Sea National Park

Bears in Wadden Sea National Park

No bears in the park

This national park has no bears and you do not need to take precautions.