Rules and regulations in national parks

All visitors to national parks are important guardians. You have a responsibility to act whenever you witness anything illegal within the park limits. Here is a list of activities that are mostly prohibited across national parks.

Prohibited activites

- Feeding or approaching wildlife

- Hunting animals of any kind

- Collecting plants without permit

- Collecting reptiles/insects/butterflies

- Operating drones or other unmanned aircraft systems

- Camping outside the designated areas

- Driving vehicles outside designated areas

- Possessing and/or using illegal substances

- Using metal detectors

- Biking outside the designated areas

- Collecting archeological items (arrowheads etc.)

Because national parks are located in separate countries, separate laws apply. The ones mentioned above are therefore mostly guidelines as rules vary. Be sure to investigate the local rules and regulations before entering a park.

The rules and regulations are made to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the park in a sustainable fashion. This will allow you to keep coming again and again. You can always contact the local visitor centers if you are in doubt about any rule.