Visit some of the popular national parks

Some parks have earned a great reputation across the globe. Here is a small subset of some of the most popular parks among visitors.

The European Alps in Switzerland

Experience true nature

The national parks are some of the last bastions of true nature. They range from smaller areas to areas the size of countries. You will be able to find most imaginable nature experiences in these parks.

Why should you use Alper?

Alper is meant to provide information for anyone interested in experiencing nature. it's not just for the experienced people who have been visiting the parks for years. With the right information, anyone can do it.

Research at your fingertips

Information regarding national parks have long been dispersed on several websites or apps for individual parks. Alper provides a central starting point for researching all national parks outside of the US. You can use the website or the app to find information. This can be done from the comfort of your home or on the road towards the park.

The best preparation

Alper does not just give you specific sights and acitvities to do in the park. It also prepares you with guides on how to properly prepare for your visit. This includes checklists, precations and much more.

Find a park that fit your interest

Get a better overview of the park characteristics and find one to suit you.