April 13th 2022 • Gear Guide • Comparison

Guide to Ultralight Tents for 1 Person in Europe

Comparing the tents by data - weight and performance

This is another guide to help you navigate the world of ultralight gear. Few of these guides are focused on Europe. This guide will help you choose between solo tents available to most European consumers. Products shipped from the United Kingdom have been excluded due to import tariffs for most European countries.

Disclaimer: The links are not affiliate links and Alper is not affiliated with any of the mentioned products or companies.

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Gear NameWeightPriceScoreWaterhead Rating (mm)N/ATypeN/AN/ALink
Ferrino Sling 1 Tent1250 g180 €772000N/ATunnelN/AN/ALink
DD SuperLight Pathfinder Tent640 g134 €913000N/ATarp TentN/AN/ALink
Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo740 g270 €803000N/ATarp TentN/AN/ALink
Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker790 g340 €73N/AN/ATarp TentN/AN/ALink
Robens Arrowhead Tent 1 Person1800 g160 €713000N/ATunnelN/AN/ALink
Asivik Explorer 11200 g270 €682000N/ATunnelN/AN/ALink
Bergans Superlight Solo Tunnel820 g500 €592000N/ATunnelN/AN/ALink
Terra Nova Zephyros Compact 11570 g240 €624000N/AN/AN/AN/ALink
Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL1964 g400 €611200N/ADomeN/AN/A
Luxe Outdoor Mini Peak II Tent1620 g200 €681500N/ATarp TentN/AN/ALink

Which ultralight 1-person tents have been included in the guide?

There are tent manufacturers across the globe and you can buy tents in all countries. Some of these manufacturers are well established in Europe and you can buy directly from their website. Other brands rely on resellers and you will often find the tents available on local and international websites along with local shops.

I have tried to include the tents available to most European countries through the manufacturers own website. Some brands that operate in few European countries have been excluded. This is done to provide the best overview across different European nations.

Most countries have some cottage brands that operate only on a national level. These have not been included. However, feel free to suggest any missing manufacturers or tents. The primary requirement is international shipping to European countries.

How is the "Score" calculated?

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a tent. You should there be aware that the score is a subjective measure and it is primarily based on a "weight per euro" logic. It is basically just a rating of the best tent for a budget with a focus on weight. This is of course not a definitive measure for the quality and you should always investigate the different characteristics of a tent and see if it fits your own expectations. Any missing information will have fields listed with "N/A".

100 - (Weight / 100) * (Price / 100)

This is the basis for the score and you will quickly be able to see some shortcomings to this method. However, it provides a pretty good idea of the ultralight qualities of a tent per euro. The results will vary depending on the weights given to the individual parts of the equation. Feel free to suggest an update to the equation if you feel it would provide an even better measure for the best tent.

Budget solo tents

Getting the right gear for going ultralight can be expensive. Most people picking up ultralight hiking as a hobby will face various decisions in terms of selecting gear price level. Quality has an impact on most gear. However, a budget item can have a stronger impact on some parts of your gear.

You should always base your choice of the primary use. This makes it essential to decide based on your upcoming trips. A tent provides you with shelter and it is therefore key to your experience and survival in extreme cases. It is often included as one the big 3 / 4 in an ultralight pack.

Guide to ultralight tents in Europe - 1 person / Solo

This concludes my write up on the different options for an ultralight solo tent in Europe. I hope it has provided you with a real alternative to all the american guides available online. This guide is of course heavily inspired by such guides and I truly appreciate the effort made by other people in the community.

Reach out if you have an item where you would like to have a table comparing the different ultralight options.