Wilderness Safety

One of the easiest ways to avoid mishaps is to prepare for your trip to a national park. This includes investigating the area, weather, terrain and your own limitations. Combined with a little common sense you will surely be able to enjoy a safe trip to a national park. Here is a list of specific advice to follow during a visit to a park:

Travel with a companion

Being more than yourself can be important in emergencies. Travel with a companion when you have the chance and leave a copy of your itinerary with a responsible person.

Wear appropriate clothing

Make sure you understand the clothes needed for the season of the national park you are planning to visit.

Be weather wise

Use common sense when making decisions and factor in the current weather conditions.

Learn basic first aid

No one can completely avoid injuries. Make sure you know basic identification and treatment of illnesses. Carry a basic first aid kit and learn how to identify the symptoms of more serious illnesses such as heat stroke and dehydration.

Make camp before dark

You should only travel during daylight as darkness has caused many accidents from falls. Make sure to set up camp away from danger and map close terrain during daylight. This way there will be no surprises at night.

Think before you drink

Most water contain some form of parasites or organisms. Try to stick to your own water or use chemical purification.