Information on lightning

There are plenty of people unaware how to act when caught in a thunderstorm. This article is meant to provide you with some basic tips for staying safe during a thunderstorm. Be sure to check the weather before you enter a national park and avoid harsh weather in general.

There are some basic advice to follow during lightning strikes. Try to avoid golf courses, water (puddles, lakes etc.) and high terrain.

If caught in a thunderstorm

Descend to lower ground if you above the tree line

This makes you less of a target. You can run into a forest but try to avoid isolated trees.

Drop metal objects

Lightning are prone to striking golfers because of the raised clubs. Drop any golf club, umbrella or other metal object.

If you are caught in an open field, seek a low spot

Sometimes you will be unable to find shelter. Seek out the lowest spot in the open field and crouch down with your feet together. Do not sit down or lie down. This will create more contact with the ground.

Don't return to an open area too soon

Make sure you do not go back to an open area before the storm is completely over. Thunderstorms are just as dangerous in the end and some people have wrongly estimated the end of a storm.

Get off lakes or rivers and seek shelter

When a storm approaches, you need to get off any body of water and seek shelter. Make sure to continuously keep an eye out for incoming storms. Do not seek shelter within 100 metres from the shore of a lake.

If someone is struck by lightning

People struck by lightning do not carry electrical current. It is safe to tend to them. There is often a good chance to revive a person that appear dead. Begin CPR and mouth-to-mouth if the person is not breathing and there is no pulse. Stay with the victim until help arrives.

Lightning is unpredictable

Lightning can be very unpredictable and there are no guarantees. These basic tips do not substitute any medical treatment. They are only meant to help in case of emergency.