Haukkalampi (Espoo)

Haukkalampi is a lake of about ten hectares on the border of Espoo and Vihti. According to the official district division, it is located in the Nuuksio district of Espoo. Lake Nuuksio Pitkäjärvi is located southeast of Haukkalampi. Just south of Haukkalampi are Kolmikulmalampi, Mustalampi and Valklampi. To the northwest of Haukkalampi is Vähä Haukkalampi. The Hawk Pond is divided into western and eastern back, connected by a narrow strait. There is an island in the eastern part of the lake.There is some building stock on the shores of Haukkalampi on the Espoo side, including the Haukkalampi Nature House.

Map of Haukkalampi (Espoo)

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