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Vesuvius National Park is an Italian national park centered on the active volcano Vesuvius, southeast from Naples. The park was founded on June 5, 1995, and covers an area of around 135 square kilometers all located within the Province of Naples.

It is centered on the active volcano and its most ancient (now inactive) crater, Monte Somma. It houses 612 vegetable species and 227 wildlife ones.

Getting there

The national park is conveniently located right next to Naples. This means that you have plenty of options to visit the national park. You can either go by public transport, your own car or an arranged trip. The drive from the city centre is around 20 minutes.

When to visit

The national park is located next to Naples and this makes it a perfect place for a day trip. You can visit all seasons as long as you take the necessary precautions in bad weather.


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Park size

73 km²

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Map of Vesuvius National Park

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Mountains in Vesuvius National Park

This section will list some of the famous peaks in the national park. Be sure to do proper research before venturing on to the high peaks.

Wildlife in Vesuvius National Park

These sections shows you some of the characteristic wildlife to the national park.

Mushroom hunting in Vesuvius National Park

The national park is located around the volcano and there are often few mushrooms in these areas. The best option for foraging mushrooms would be to visit a different national park in Italy. The northern parts of the country has plenty of mushrooms in the forests.

Camping rules in Vesuvius National Park

Wild camping is generally prohibited in Italy and you can receive large fines for staying without a permit. You should therefore stick to designated camping areas. This also goes for the national park.

Bears in Vesuvius National Park

Bears in Vesuvius National Park

No bears in the park

This national park has no bears and you do not need to take precautions.