Ķemeri National Park

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Ķemeri National Park is a national park west of the city of Jūrmala,Latvia. Established in 1997, Ķemeri is the third largest national park in the country by area, covering an area of 381.65 km2. The territory of the park is mostly occupied by forests and mires, the most significant of them being The Great Ķemeri Bog.

There are also several lakes, that are former lagoons of the Littorina Sea. Lake Kaņieris is a Ramsar site. The park also protects the famous natural mineral-springs and muds, used for centuries because of their therapeutic nature. The springs led to development of many resorts, spas, and sanitariums in the 19th century.

Getting there

The park is located really close to Riga and it is therefore one of the most accessible national parks in Latvia. The drive by car is less than 1 hour to reach the park. This makes the park great for day trips.

When to visit

The vicinity to Riga makes it easy to visit all year. The landscape is beautiful in all seasons and you will be able to visit even in winter. Be aware there might be plenty of snow during winter.


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Park size

382 km²

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Hiking trails in Ķemeri National Park

Almost all national parks have some opportunities for hiking. You can see some of the more popular trails here. You should get local information for detailed information on all trails of the national park.

Wildlife in Ķemeri National Park

These sections shows you some of the characteristic wildlife to the national park.

Mushroom hunting in Ķemeri National Park

Latvia and the Baltic region are famous for mushroom foraging and it is very popular with locals. It is allowed in most places but you should always make sure you have permission to forage. Speak to local authorities regarding options in the national park.

Camping rules in Ķemeri National Park

Wild camping is allowed in most areas of Latvia. You should still make sure you have the necessary permissions before you camp out in the wild. Speak to local authorities about your plans for wild camping.

Bears in Ķemeri National Park

Bears in Ķemeri National Park

No bears in the park

This national park has no bears and you do not need to take precautions.