Gutulia National Park

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Gutulia National Park (Norwegian: Gutulia nasjonalpark) is the smallest national park in Norway. The landscape consists of lakes and virginal forests, dominated by spruce, pine and birch. Because of the climate, growth is slow, and many of the spruce trees are hundreds of years old. There is only one marked path through the park.

Gutulia lies close to Femundsmarka National Park and protected areas on the Swedish side of the border.

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Peter Möllenkamp - CC BY-SA 3.0 • Unsplash License •

Sights in Gutulia National Park

Some national parks contain more than just natural wonders. This list shows you some of the sights that are located in the national park. This includes museums, cathedrals, bridges, dams and much more.

Visitor/Information centres in Gutulia National Park

Most national parks have an associated visitor centre to help visitors. They are usually open most of the year but some close in the off-season. You will often be able to find information on all the activities in the national park. A visit to the visitor centre is often recommended before venturing into the park.

Hiking trails in Gutulia National Park

Almost all national parks have some opportunities for hiking. You can see some of the more popular trails here. You should get local information for detailed information on all trails of the national park.

Natural Sights

Most national parks have there own trademarks. This goes for both natural sights and man-made. This section will list any popular sights in nature.

Wildlife in Gutulia National Park

These sections shows you some of the characteristic wildlife to the national park.

Bears in Gutulia National Park

Bears in Gutulia National Park

Few bears in the park

This national park has bears and you need to take the necessary precautions. It is however unlikely that you will come across a bear.