Blå Jungfrun National Park

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Blå Jungfrun, also known as "Blåkulla", in English sometimes rendered literally as The Blue Maiden is a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. It is situated in the Kalmar Strait, between the mainland province of Småland and the island province of Öland. Administratively, the uninhabited island is part of the municipality of Oskarshamn and covers an area of approximately 0.7 km2 (0.27 sq mi) with a mean height above sea level of 86 m (282 ft). Home to black guillemots and a Swedish National Park since 1926, freedom to roam at Blå Jungfrun is limited with visitors prohibited from staying overnight on the island or making fires.

The island consists partly of bare rock with the remainder covered in dense hardwood forest. There are several caves and an ancient stone labyrinth from which it is forbidden to remove stones.

Geologically the island is an ancient inselberg rising from the Sub-Cambrian peneplain. After its formation in the Precambrian, Blå Jungfrun was buried in sandstone, which protected it from any further erosion, until it was finally freed from its sandstone cover in geologically recent times.

Getting there

You can reach the island from Oskarshamn and Byxelkrok on Öland. There is a tour boat operating on a daily basis during summer. It is difficult to reach the park in the off season.

When to visit

The primary season is during summer where tour boats are operating.


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Park size

2 km²

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Anchor2009 - CC BY-SA 4.0 • Fred - CC BY-SA 3.0 • Pål-Nils Nilsson - CC BY 2.5 •

Hiking trails in Blå Jungfrun National Park

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Cabins & Shelters

This section lists some of the cabins and shelters for the national park. They can be great places to stay for the experience or as overnight stays on hikes.

Wildlife in Blå Jungfrun National Park

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Bears in Blå Jungfrun National Park

Bears in Blå Jungfrun National Park

No bears in the park

This national park has no bears and you do not need to take precautions.