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Berchtesgaden National Park is in the south of Germany, on its border with Austria, in the municipalities of Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden and Schönau am Königsee, Berchtesgadener Land, Free State of Bavaria. The national park was established in 1978 to protect the landscapes of the Berchtesgaden Alps. Headquartered in the town of Berchtesgaden, the park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1990.

Getting there

The closest major city is Salzburg in Austria. The drive from Salzburg is only around one hour. The closest major city in Germany is Munich. The drive from Munich is closer to 2 - 3 hours.

You can also reach the national park with public transport. The best option here is to catch public transport towards Berchtesgaden.

When to visit

Berchtesgaden is popular late spring and summer. There are plenty of visitors from surrounding cities. The fall and winter is less popular with tourists. Most of the mountains will be covered in snow during winter.


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Park size

210 km²

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Visitor/Information centres in Berchtesgaden National Park

Most national parks have an associated visitor centre to help visitors. They are usually open most of the year but some close in the off-season. You will often be able to find information on all the activities in the national park. A visit to the visitor centre is often recommended before venturing into the park.

Cabins & Shelters

This section lists some of the cabins and shelters for the national park. They can be great places to stay for the experience or as overnight stays on hikes.

Wildlife in Berchtesgaden National Park

These sections shows you some of the characteristic wildlife to the national park.

Bears in Berchtesgaden National Park

Bears in Berchtesgaden National Park

No bears in the park

This national park has no bears and you do not need to take precautions.